IAF Su-30s carry out long-range precision-strike drill in IOR

IAF Su-30s carry out long-range precision-strike drill in IOR
IAF Su-30s carry out long-range precision-strike drill in IOR

New Delhi: Indian Air Force Sukhoi jets have flown for nearly eight hours, on different axis over Indian Ocean Region (IOR). 

IAF tweeted, "Another outing into the Indian Ocean Region! This time, with IAF Su-30s flying nearly eight hours, on a different axis. Both Seaboards covered."

The purpose of these flights, which lasted for around eight hours, was to improve the air force's operating capabilities and keep a strong presence in the strategically important area. 

The aircraft were supported by mid-air refuelling aircraft and covered both the eastern and western seaboards of the country, the Indian Air Force said. The number of aircraft involved in the operation is not known. 

Earlier, IAF carried out the same exercise with Rafael aircraft in IOR. The six-hour mission involving the Rafale fighter aircraft last month covered the eastern region of the Indian Ocean.

The IAF carried out the two missions at a time when China has been ramping up its presence in the Indian Ocean region, which is largely considered as the backyard of the Indian Navy. 

The Indian Ocean region holds tremendous geopolitical, geo-economic, and geostrategic importance. Extending from the eastern coast of Africa to the western coast of Australia, the IOR accounts for one-fifth of the water on Earth's surface. 

IOR vast maritime and continental expanse encompasses nearly 38 countries ranging from continental islands to archipelagos and has long been a crossroads for merchants, marines, and navies.

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