Here is the new Air Combat Mobile Game by Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force Vice has launched new multiplayer version of the upgraded 3D Air Combat Mobile Game ‘Indian air Force: a Cut Above’
Here is the new Air Combat Mobile Game by Indian Air Force

New Delhi: A new and upgraded Indian Air Force mobile game is here.  The phase-2 which is the multiplayer version of the upgraded 3D air combat mobile game ‘Indian air Force: a Cut Above’ was launched on Friday by the Vice Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal HS Arora at the Air Force Bal Bharti School.  The mobile game was originally launched by the Indian Air Force to connect with the youth of the country and inspire them to join the Indian Air Force. That version got a great response from the users and was downloaded more than 2.2 million times since it was launched on May 31, 2019.

The single-player version required the individuals to play with the in-built Artificial Intelligence of the application. The latest multiplayer version, on the other hand, will enable players to have a real engagement with the opponent anywhere across the globe.

The mobile application has two modes named as “Team Battle” and “Death Match”. The user has the option to choose from the diverse range of the aircraft in the inventory of the IAF, including Mig 21, Tejas and Mig 29 which were not available in the previous version. In the “Team Battle” the user forms a team and takes on adversaries in the virtual arena thus enabling a real feel of the aerial combat. In the “Death Match”, the user will join an Arena where the user is a part of eight opponents and the individual having the highest score at the end of the mission is the winner.

This version also includes a feature of “Augmented Reality” wherein the user is able to have a 360o view of the aircraft both from inside as well as outside. In addition, the user will be able to upload their achievements on Facebook, Twitter etc at the end of the session.

“Indian Air Force: A Cut Above” is available on Android and IOS platforms, it can be downloaded from their respective play stores.

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