Indian Army Organises Defence Startup Symposium At Bengaluru

Indian Army Organises Defence Startup Symposium, as part of industry outreach, at Bengaluru
Indian Army Organises Defence Startup Symposium, as part of industry outreach, at Bengaluru

Bengaluru: As part of industry outreach by the Indian Army under the "Make in India" Initiative, a Startup Symposium was organised at Rajendra Singhji Army officers' Institute, Bengaluru on September 05 and 06, 2022. "The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to the civil industry to showcase their expertise, emerging technologies and developmental initiatives to support the defence forces", Army said in an official statement issued Tuesday.

The symposium was organised by 515 Army base Workshop.

A total of 25 companies and startups with domain specialisation in Drones, Aviation, Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Surveillance and Manufacturing participated. Some of the promising companies and the products showcased during the symposium are :

  1. Edall Systems that showcased Drone – Fixed Wing & Rotary Wing (1st off)
  2. Next Defence (Machani Group) showcased Drones – Fixed Wing & Rotary Wing, Jetpack & Electric vehicle motors.
  3. Asteria Aerospace Pvt Ltd showcased Drones in 03 weight categories
  4. Bing Bang Boom Solutions showed Anti Drone Defence System & See through Armour
  5. Range Aero Pvt Ltd, Autonomous UAVs & Hybrid Power UAVs showcased Surveillance Systems
  6. Elena Geo Systems Pvt Sys showed NAVIC-based Vehicle Tracking System
  7. TASL (Tata Adv System) showcased Helmet Mounted Night Sight, Cooled Handheld Thermal Imager, LORROS (Long Range Recce & Observation System) & binoculars.
  8. Redleaf Tech Pvt Ltd: GIS-Based Street Light Management System, GIS Mapping, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) & Drone Data Processing
  9. Dfy Gravity Tech Pvt Ltd: Situational Awareness Pgme, Data Science Solutions & Strategic Payload Development
  10. Zuppa Geo Navigation Tech: GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  11. Savtoa Tech Pvt Ltd: Unmanned Boats
  12. Elmack Engg Services: Surveillance – Cameras, NVR, Radar, Drones, Rugged tablets, Mob Cmptrs & RFID solutions. Electronic & Communication System
  13. Alpha Design Technologies Ltd: Multi Band Cell Phone Jammer, CRIS, RCIED.
  14. Astrome Technologies: MM Wave Comn, 5G (Showcasing Gigamesh device to extend the range for comn)
  15. Chipspirit Technologies: Secure Communication Device / Crypto Communication (only hardware)
  16. Bharat Electronics Ltd (Defence PSU BEL): Communication and Surveillance Solutions
  17. Centum Electronics Ltd: Space EW System, Missile Seeker Electronics, Tank Electronics, Synthetic Aperture Radar. Weapon System
  18. SSS Defence: Sniper Weapon System, Assault Rifle System, Legacy Weapon System Modification, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence
  19. Kaaya Virtualization Technologies Pvt Ltd: VIRTAC Powered by Holo Suit, Manufacturing & Engineering Services
  20. HTL Ltd: Wiring Interconnect Solutions
  21. RAY – Q Interconnection Tech India Ltd: Mil Grade components, Wiring & cable harness, Filter connectors etc,
  22. Valdel Adv Tech: Design & Devp of Composite material for Aerospace & General Industries
  23. Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Mfr & Engg Solutions. Showcasing various PCBs & Sample Boards.
  24. MSRUAS (Tech Centre): Multi DoF Bionic Hand, Magnetorheological Damper (MR) for IN, Torque Converter – Scale Model for Infantry Battle Tanks.
  25. Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), IISC: Nano fluidic Device (useful in Medical Tech)

The startup symposium, attended by Senior Officers from all three services, highlights the endeavour of the Armed Forces and the Industry to synergise their efforts as they move towards "Atmanirbharta" in the defence sector.

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