Multilateral naval exercise Komodo-2023 concludes

INS Satpura participated in the multilateral naval exercise Komodo-2023
INS Satpura participated in the multilateral naval exercise Komodo-2023

Jakarta:  The multilateral naval exercise Komodo 2023 concluded on June 8, 2023. It was the fourth edition of the naval exercise that Indonesia has hosted since it was established in 2014. 

The Indonesia's Navy organised the exercise in its waters between Borneo and Sulawesi, in which navies from countries including India, the United States, Britain, China, Japan, Russia and South Korea participated, amid simmering tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. 

According to Indonesia's navy, the routine Komodo drills were a non-war exercise that aimed to strengthen relationships between the navies of 36 countries.

The exercise brought together navies from 36 nations, some of whom have bitter conflicts and disagreements. In addition to the U.S., Russia, and China, it also included rivals India and Pakistan and both South and North Korea. 

The presence of these nations emphasized the multi-dimensional nature of geopolitical alliances and reflected the complex relationships in the region. It also underscored Indonesia's approach of 'pragmatic equidistance' in the era of superpower competition. 

The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed an escalation in tensions, leading to increased military exercises and diplomatic maneuvers by various countries. 

Washington and Beijing have clashed this year over a number of Asia-Pacific issues including Taiwan, a self-ruled, U.S.-backed island that China considers its territory.

They have also been involved in a diplomatic tussle over Pacific island nations.

Tensions skyrocketed when an alleged Chinese spy balloon traversed the United States before it was shot down.

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