Ram Nath Kovind presents President’s Colours to AAD Corps

Ram Nath Kovind presents President’s Colours to AAD Corps

President Ram Nath Kovind presented the highest honour, 'President’s Colours,' to Corps of 'Army Air Defence' at Gopalpur Military Station

Gopalpur: President Ram Nath Kovind awarded the President’s Colours to the Corps of Army Air Defence at Gopalpur Military Station on the completion of 25 years as an independent arm. The President’s Colours were received by Army AD Centre on behalf of the Corps of Army Air Defence.

At a ceremony held on Saturday, the President also presented the Rashtriya salute at the commencement of the parade led by the contingent. On the occasion, Odisha Governor Ganeshi Lal, civil dignitaries and other senior government officials of Odisha government were present.

What is the President’s Colours and Corps of Army Air Defence?

The President’s Colours is the highest honour bestowed upon a regiment of the armed forces in recognition of their invaluable contribution to the security of the nation during peace and hostilities.

The Corps of Army Air Defence (AAD Corps), is an active corps of the Indian Army and a major combative formation tasked with air defences of the country from foreign threats. The AAD Corps is responsible for the protection of Indian air space from enemy aircraft and missiles, especially below 5,000 feet.

The history of Corps of Army Air Defence

During World War II, Air Defence troops participated in various operations like the Burma campaign, siege of Imphal and Kohima, recapture of Rangoon, operations in Arakans, Myitkiyina, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaya, Bahrain, Iraq and Persia. They also won multiple gallantry awards, namely four Military Crosses, one Medal of the British Empire, seven Indian Distinguished Service Medals and two Orders of the British Empire.

Air Defence has been in existence since 1940 as a part of Corps of Artillery, however as an independent arm, it got recognition in 1994. The Corps has, till date, been awarded two Ashoka Chakras, two Kirti Chakras, 20 Vir Chakras, nine Shaurya Chakras, 113 Sena Medals and 55 Mention-in-Despatches in addition to four battle honours awarded during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war.

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